In April, credit to economy remained depressed (+0.3% mom, -1.4% ytd). A negative trend in reduction of deposits continued (-0.4% mom, -4.1% ytd). Also, a growth is observed in the share of non-performing loans (NPL 90+) (+0.32pp mom, +1.22pp ytd) and the level of provisioning (+0.1pp mom, +0.3pp ytd) in the sector for a considerable time.  The de-dollarization of deposits is a continuing positive trend: 50.2% in the reporting month against 51.3% in March (adjusted for the rate). Banks placed available free funds on the NBK's liquidity withdrawal instruments, which, due to a lower base rate, has been leading to a reduction in the sector’s profitability. The withdrawal of liquidity by the regulator from the banking system remains at a high level and by the end of April its gross amount was T3.8 trillion, or 25% of the banking sector’s loan portfolio.

  • Monetary policy and FX market;
  • Assets of the banking sector, deposits of the banking sector;
  • Loans of the banking sector and credit to economy;
  • Top 10 banks major changes.

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