Please vote for our team in the Extel 2015!

We place a very high importance on these rankings.

Halyk Finance ResearchApril 23, 2015

Dear Client,


If you enjoyed Halyk Finance research reports over the last year, please vote for our team in the Extel 2015 ( 


  1. If you already registered you can vote via the following link When you log on please select "buy side" voting area, then in the "sector" section choose "General Equities/Strategy", after that type "Halyk Finance" in "select firm" section. Finally, you should provide the score and submit it by "save and submit" button.


  1. In case if you don't have user account in Extel you can complete the quick registration process via the same link by providing your corporate email and contact details and provide your vote.


We appreciate your time and effort.