KazTransOil Board of Directors proposed a dividend of T155 per share

Altynay IbraimovaApril 17, 2017

Last week, KazTransOil’s Board of Directors proposed to pay out a FY2016 dividend of T155 per share. The payout ratio amounted to 133% of consolidated net income, which includes 100% of net income and part of retained earnings for past years.  The suggested dividend is 17% higher than the last year's (T133).

Our view

The board of Directors of the Company once again met the expectations of the market, offering a dividend above the level of the previous year. Despite the fact that the proposed dividend is below our expectations (T169.6 / share), we consider the news as positive for KTO shares - the dividend yield to the last closing price is 12%.

We maintain our Buy recommendation on KazTransOil with a 12M target price of T1 634 per share.