Consulting & Underwriting

Halyk Finance renders a full range of investment banking services necessary for the Clients’ securities issue, placement and post-placement liquidity support

before …

  • analyzing and working out the terms (security type, issue size and coupon rate, circulation period) of the upcoming securities’ issue
  • preparation of the emission prospectus and investment memorandum
  • registration of the securities’ issue in the National Bank of Kazakhstan (the “NBK”)
  • backing of the Client’s listing application to the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange’s (the “KASE”) Listing Committee
  • vigorous marketing of the upcoming issue to all potential investors
  • placement of the Client’s securities

and after placement

  • rendering market-making services to improve liquidity of the Client’s securities
  • regular in-depth analytical coverage of our Clients to support their successful relationships with investors and to improve our Clients’ image

Additional advantages for our Clients

Halyk Finance can offer its underwriting services on “firm commitment” terms, i.e. we can securely place the whole Client’s issue or any part chosen under pre-agreed conditions

Halyk Bank can provide a credit line to our Client for the period of its securities’ issue and placement to ensure timely financing of the current projects with the following loan repayment from the funds raised from the securities’ placement

Moreover, our team keeps good working relationships with all regulatory bodies.


Farkhad Okhonov
Director of Consulting & Underwriting
phone.: +7 (727) 330 01 52