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December 07, 2011

KASE informs - Eurasian Development Bank placed second bond tranche for USD5.0 billion

/KASE, August 7, 09/ - Eurasian Development Bank (Almaty), bonds of which arepresent in the official list of the Special Trading Floor of the RegionalFinancial Center of Almaty, provided to KASE the following press release:

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Yesterday, the Eurasian Development Bank placed the second tranche of itsbonds for a total of 5 billion tenge, thus increasing the aggregate volume of itsdebut bonds issued in April this year in Kazakhstan to 20 billion tenge. The termsof the second tranche are identical to those of the initial issuance. The debutissuance was part of the EDB's EMTN Programme registered in London in theend of the last year for a total of $3.5 billion. The issuance was assignedratings by Standard & Poor's (ВВВ), Fitch (ВВВ) and Moody's Investor Services(A3).

Like the initial placement, this tranche is intended for Kazakh investors, firstof all pension funds and insurance companies that are listed on the specialtrading floor of the Regional Financial Centre of Almaty. The bonds have amaturity period of five years. The coupon rate is fixed at 15% during the firstyear, and stating from the second year and until maturity the coupon will beadjusted using the consumer price index in Kazakhstan plus a margin of 1.00% perannum. Throughout the circulation period, the coupon rate will be limited to 8-16%per annum.

The arrangers of this issuance are the Kazakh investment companies BCC Invest,Kazkommerts Invest and Halyk Finance.


The Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) is an international financial institutionfounded by Rissua and Kazakhstan to foster economic growth and integrationprocesses in the Eurasian region. More details about the bank is at website http://www.eabr.org

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