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November 28, 2011

JSC Halyk Finance announces launch of its new Halyk TradePro service

Effective November 7th, Halyk Finance has introduced a new Halyk TradePro service which allows its customers to place their buy/sell orders on international markets. Halyk TradePro platform users can now simply send orders verified by their digital signatures through Halyk Finance's online trading system. In addition, Halyk TradePro trading platform provides past and current quotes for most frequently traded securities/currencies/ETFs on international stock exchanges along with relevant bid/ask data and price charts. Market quotes are displayed with a lag of up to 20 minutes through a free-of-charge service provided by international stock exchanges. International trade settlement through Halyk TradePro platform is executed on a T+3 basis, which can in certain cases be changed to a T+1. Halyk Finance's clients can also trade on the KASE on-line, monitor their transactions/orders and account status, access Halyk Finance's regular analytical coverage and market news as well as benefit from discounted brokerage fees. Halyk Finance constantly improves the quality of its services, providing convenient on-line trading access. Halyk Finance rigorously focuses on expansion of Kazakhstan's retail investor base and improvement of its financial literacy.

 This year, Halyk Finance has won "The Best Investment Bank in Kazakhstan 2011" award from Global Finance, "The Best Investment Bank in Kazakhstan 2010" award from EMEA Finance and "The Best Financial Advisor 2010" award from the KASE.

JSC Halyk Finance is the leading investment bank in Kazakhstan rendering a full range of investment banking services including consulting and underwriting (issuance and placement of securities), corporate finance (M&A advisory, debt restructuring and transaction advisory services), brokerage, securities trading, market making on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange, asset management and research.

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